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Freezer Fail Detector: Here's a simple one: what happens if your power goes out while you're on vacation? Well your food will thaw, then go bad, then refreeze, and you'll be none the wiser when you go to eat it. The freezer fail detector is just a jar filled half-way with water then frozen on its side. Put the jar upright and glance at it whenever you open your freezer. No more salmonella! (Such a great idea!)

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OMG CHIC White Beach Cottage Shabby Cabinet Cupboard Hutch

from The Family Handyman

Wireless Electrical Switch: Battery-Free, Finger Powered Switch

Install a new electrical switch without any wiring or batteries. Piezoelectric switches use radio signals generated by the push of a button to turn electrical devices on and off.

from The Family Handyman

Patch Dents in a Metal Door

DIY How To Patch Dents In A Metal Door...instructions on how to make it look new again - simple three-step repair.

from The Family Handyman

How to Remove Paint From Hardware

hot water paint stripping