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7 Primitive Cooking Methods You Still Need to Know Today - If it all goes to hell there will be no gas, there will be no electricity being produced. You will have to cook with fire! Did you know that there is more than one way to cook with fire? Quite amazing!


How to Make Aspirin if You're Lost in the Woods

Make Aspirin if You're Lost in the Woods Step 6.jpg

4 Common Plants You Didn’t Know You Could Turn Into Flour

65 Highest Rated Books about Survival, Prepping & Bushcraft

Make Your Own Rope | Bushcraft Survival Skills: A Great Mindset for Resourcefulness and Preparation

Pemmican is an ancient survival food that has NO SHELF LIFE... You can make this and store it for an emergency food supply in a survival situation

Bushcraft Tips and Tricks:

Homemade Pine Needle Cough Syrup For Powerful Cough Relief! - What if you were to discover one of the most potent cough suppressant and anti-inflammatory compounds is found in your backyard?

10 Preps That Are 100% Free - There are preppers who spend thousands of dollars per month on survival gear- tools, guns, ammo, and a whole bunch of other stuff. But not everyone has that kind of money. In fact, many people are scraping just to get by! For these people, prepping cheaply (or even free) is the only option.