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Read! U can barely see the words but I made this as inspiration ❤ U so much

People are so DUMB! Thing is you could point it out and they'd be like, whuuuuhT?

"All of that chit-chat's gonna get you hurt." - The Joker in 'Suicide Squad'

Staying motivated and dedicated mentally is the most crucial part of weight loss. Reminding myself of my goals every morning, creating rules to reach my goals, being positive about weight loss, loving my body unconditionally whether progress is fast or slow, and celebrating each goal weight has made this very long journey possible. Reblogging myself because I needed to be reminded of this today. Dunno when I first wrote that but it’s still all true.

1. Blonde. 2. Green. 3. 13. 4. Don't have one. 5. Sabrina Carpenter. 6. Dallas String Quartet (it's sorta a band..) 7. Don't have one 8. Singl (I'm too young to date). 9. Right now.."The Call" (Regina S.) 10. Where I am now :) 11. To be an actress/meet anyone of my favorite actor/actress.

from Esprit Science Métaphysiques

Le chat de Pallas, une espèce rare, est l’un des animaux les plus mignons

[Pallas cat, also known as Manul; a small wild cat.] ---------------------------- " Me woulds really rather groom meself! A toof'brush of allz things! Me thought dat wuz NOT categorized az wut yer usin' it fer."

Your wish will come true if you repast this

"The only way to have a friend is to be one." --Ralph Waldo Emerson

from Etsy

Matched set of Deep Purple glass SALT PEPPER SHAKERS - Original Hand Blown 1800's antique

I would LOVE to have these!! <3 ~ Matched set of Deep Purple glass SALT PEPPER SHAKERS by plowgirl

Overthinking's gonna kill you