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Connectome: How the brain's wiring makes us who we are -- Rising star in the field of neuroscience Sebastian Seung argues that our identity lies not in our genes but in the connections between our brain cells -- and he describes the monumental task of mapping these "connectomes", neuron by neuron, synapse by synapse.

Countless kids (and more than a few teens have learned their adverbs and adjectives from these nine Schoolhouse Grammar Rock video songs. My classes,...

▶ Audiologist With Hearing Loss Tells Her Story - YouTube | An audiologist explains how she addressed her own progressive hearing loss and enjoyed life to the fullest again with treatment. #BetterHearing #BeWell

▶ Meet the Author-Rob Mancabelli - YouTube I found his quick overview intriguing as it connects to the work in our TGC course.

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12 Ways to Build Self-Esteem in Your Students with Autism — Trisha Katkin Check it out and while you are there, sign up for my free course on teaching social stories. Start managing behavior now!

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