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Overwhelm is about feeling: “I have something to do but I don’t know where to start” If you know you are, you are not alone. There are so many people like you out there, and the key is to acknowledge that you are. It’s great that you love what you do; we just want to make you aware that your business could consume you, and you just don’t know when to stop.

We all are the same in this world. The same but different. This makes us each unique and special. In this show you can see the differences between the two artists; different subjects, different styles, and different mediums.

Today’s post we want to share with you the three types of Commitment Goals that you should consider when you set your goals for your creative business: “IN” your business Goals to create your art “ON” your business Goals to Promote your art “ABOVE” your business Goal to Refresh yourself As artists, you are ahead …


Sometimes business can be rough, especially when you’ve got regulators breathing down your neck. The problem is that the authorities are rarely benign. They’ll take action against your business, rightly or wrongly, if they think you’re not compliant with their laws. Let’s take a look at some of the stuff that can get you shut down.

For most, a creative freeze is the worst possible fate. Your mojo has upped and left for a vacation and you fear stagnation. Many artists struggle with this. But what if that dark cloud has a silver lining?

Do you ever think about wastage in your business? It’s actually a rather serious concern, at least, it should be because wastage can drive the costs of your company sky high. It can also make your business look like a mess that isn’t being properly maintained or taken care of.

One of the most important aspects of your business is exposure. If you don’t get your business out there and make your brand name stick in the minds of consumers, then you’re not doing your business justice and you probably won’t be getting as many customers as you could be. It doesn’t matter if you have an awesome product or if you offer a top-notch service if no one knows about you.

Getting your foot into the educational industry is a valiant move. Very few services provide for children and they can be a lucrative market assuming you’re located in the right spot.

The biggest challenge facing any artist is a personal declaration of what they stand for. See it as a personal stamp that sets out for your viewers a type of Q&A about you and your art. The Artist statement is an excellent marketing tool to promote you and your work to potential buyers, critics, fellow artists, and exhibition curators. It should be informative and offer an understanding of the artist in an easy, concise manner.