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Imagine this: After a night shift at work you are on your way home when you see small shadows dancing on the hills-FAIRIES

from Etsy

Happy Moon Looking Over a Fairy Village - Upcycled Drawer Shrine

Forget the mushrooms, think GLITTER DRAWER SHRINE. Could have happy photo memories of the couple, could have star wars battles, could be dreamt up by each member of the wedding party (except I know rob would DIE if I tried to make him do this) - and could be attached to walls or trees and such (not sure how the house itself plays into the wedding setting or if more decor is needed in that area - I mean, pretty bunting goes a long way in any wedding setting)

from Her Campus

Favorite Disney Quotes from HCMers

This helps me so much in swimming especially in butterfly because of the pixie dust u can fly and with everything else all I need is faith trust and a little pixie dust!!!

Tangled Concept Art - this makes me happy because every time i watch tangled, it bothers me how much the architecture of the tower varies from the outside "small circular " look to the inside, small square cottage.

Happy’s relationship chartfrom Monthly Fairy Tail Magazine volume 1 This issue can be purchased at CDJapan, Amazon Japan or AmiAmi. Sorry about having to cover up parts of the drawings with those boxes, but it’s impossible for me to erase the original text covering the images and redraw the images. Please let me know if you spot any errors, and please thank ajerzaaddict for helping to make this possible!

Gotta say, this Dragon kinda freaks me out. The size comparison and facial features really get to me.

from Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

Why do I Feel so Attached to my Narcissistic Ex

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” ― W.B. Yeats

thank you, Sarah Marshall. It makes me happy that when I went to your Etsy page- this was already sold.