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from Lifehacker

A Half Hour of Exercise Can Boost Creativity for Hours

After 30 minutes of aerobic activity, most physically fit people experience at least two hours of boosted creativity.

from Well

Getting a Brain Boost Through Exercise

Exercise can promote neuron growth in adults and help you to become more mentally alert. This increased mental alertness will make you feel more able to tackle challenging situations in your life and to engage in complex problem-solving activities.

from The Huffington Post

What 20 Minutes Of Yoga Does For Your Brain

Just 20 minutes of yoga could help your brain function better, according to a small new study. Researchers found that people did better -- both speed-wise and accuracy-wise -- on brain functioning tests after just 20 minutes of Hatha yoga, compare...

Being active is essential to health. Aerobic activities are a key part of keeping your blood pressure normal. In some cases aerobic exercise can even lower high blood pressure

Benefits Of Water Aerobics Provides Buoyancy & Support, Quick Muscular Endurance, Improved Flexibility, Improve Cardiovascular Conditioning, Helps Keep Cool, Burn Calories, and it's fun!