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Embellished Easter Eggs

Take plastic Easter Eggs from Plain to Spectacular with our Embellished Easter Eggs tutorial. And for more great Easter Craft Ideas, follow us at

40+ of our favorite Easter egg ideas from Martha Stewart
from Martha Stewart

Decorating Easter Eggs

If you ever get chickens, PLEASE, for the love of chicken happiness, get them a big 'ol tire, too. Apparently our chickens have a timeshare arrangement with this thing. Each gets to spend roughly 30 minutes a day alone in it, then it's the next lady's turn. Because, darkness. And quiet. And spiders. They never lay eggs in it, that's a big no-no between them. Gladys once laid an egg in the tire and was banned for life. You gotta respect the chicken rules, Gladys.

I miss sending my little girls outside with their wire baskets to 'search for treasure'. Our hens took great pride in hiding their stash, and as soon as my daughters would find it, the hens would move on to a new hidden nest! It was always a challenge to find the eggs!

from Martha Stewart

Chocolate Egg

How to make chocolate eggs. I'll never forget the year I got one of these in my Easter basket. I must have been 8 or 9, I think, and my older sister told me my egg was rotten, but I had to eat it anyway. GROSS. When I finally ate it, I was pleasantly surprised.