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Let's get real about self-sabotage. What are we really doing when we intentionally work against ourselves? Plus, relevant strategies for breaking the self-sabotage pattern.

from Alyssa J Howard

When You Want to be Angry: How Jesus Defined Righteous Anger

Jesus was angry, but it was different. He defined what it means to experience righteous anger. His anger was always accompanied with a heart of compassion.

from Uncustomary

50 Self-Love Writing Prompts

Whether setting goals really works or not in the end, often depends on you. Follow these tips, so that achieving goals does not have to be so difficult.

from Heaven on Earth

To the Woman Who is Struggling with Life

Struggling | Everyday struggle | Encouragement and Inspiration | Motivation | Spiritual Pep Talk | Finding life is Hard | Help

Oh, I love this! Visual Journaling: An Art Therapy Historical Perspective. Visual Journaling | An Art Therapy Historical Perspective. "Art journaling is about having a visual conversation with yourself"-- Cathy Malchiodi

It's so hard to find material that is geared towards bio children regarding foster care/adoption. I would be interested to read this and see what I think...

from To Love, Honor and Vacuum

10 Signs You're Respecting Your Husband Too Much

Can you respect your husband too much? 10 signs that respect isn't working in your marriage--and you need instead to have boundaries.

from Lifehack

5 Vital Steps to Starve the Ego and Feed the Soul