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Summer STEM Challenge: Pick and Pack

It can be so difficult to keep kids engaged in the last weeks of the school year. Summer STEM challenges are here to the rescue!The basic premise: Individually or in partners, students will select items to pack for a road trip. In this 2-D simulation of a 3-D task, students arrange items with different point values into pre-defined car trunk spaces.

FREEBIE! Summer/ Vacation Writing Book {Free} Fun ocean animals and beach theme graphics on shorts! Some prompts...and some blank. Several pages--do separately or arrange into a shape book!

Beach Number Puzzles Numerals to 20

Duck! Rabbit!

DUCK! RABBIT! Opinion Writing in First Grade! This blog post explains how to use the book Duck!Rabbit! with 1st graders to introduce paragraph and opinion writing.

Sharks - A First Grade Literacy Center

This center requires kids to read 4 brief passages about sharks (Nurse, Hammerhead, Bull, Leopard) after which they will complete a recording sheet. This product is ONE literacy center. Individual kids can complete the activity or students can work in pairs.

Zoo Math and Literacy MEGA Unit

6-5- REVISED: If you bought this bundle prior to this date please re-download to get updates for FREE!This 200 page MEGA Zoo Unit will get your students traveling the world learning about zoo animals! As you learn about each animal students will paste the picture of the animal where you can find that animal on the world map.

Food Opinion Writing

Opinion Writing: Favorite Food 5 pages $ Follow Dr. Clements' Kindergarten on Facebook for flash freebies!