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Of mount the heads of favorite childhood toys or stuffed animals. Perfect for the hipster nursery niche market! ♥ download

Mounted Felt Plush Deer Head Red and Light by PocketswithPosies, $27.00 Dear future child, this is happening!

[Red the skirt doll] Sirmione cat | plush toys | doll | hand | original fabric - wow thiophene network

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FRED FOX - Faux Taxidermy Felt Wall Mounted Animal Head

Wall Mounted Animal Heads in Fabric Fred by GillsPopArtEmporium, £50.00

Joe Doesn't Hunt + I would never allow a dead head hanging in our house = Cute felt substitutes

The two rows of stitch give the impression of hands tucked in pockets, it's just genius...

This little deer is looking remarkably cheerful, he’s mounted on a 6” hoop and measures 14” from the bottom of his neck to the tips of his antlers.