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Futuristic Soldiers, Armor, Future, Military, Weapons, Helmet

this is actually from the movie halo, or rather was. the movie Halo was never completed because of how high budget it was

Rob of Doc Dailey Designs has made several props inspired by Halo, but his new alternate pilot helmet might be his best work yet. He worked with Stony Props on the lighting elements, and the result…

halo helmet 1 whoever is behind this masterpiece is my hero! I'm very interested to learn how they did the L.DS inside the helmet and projecting an image or design while still being able to see while wearing it :)

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Death Korps of Krieg Elite Grenadier Concept Art SteamPunk Fashion Sci-Fi

Digital diesel steampunk plane

Dieselpunk, aircraft, plane, propeller, by Marco Rolandi


"der Tod eines Pioniers" Retrò illustration by Waldemar von Kazak (Urss) - DigitalArt - (train trolley ambulance city street accident landscape location environment architecture)

Marksman, Alex Jessup on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/marksman-34e37e79-f23d-476f-8db3-a2897173c00a

Recon Marine by ~AlexJJessup on deviantART There would be nothing "Swift, silent or deadly" about wearing all of this crap. I bet most of it would stay in a kit bag unused. It is an excellent drawing though.