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Nuclear fusion simulation shows high-gain energy output... In other words, creating a star and holding its power for an energy source on Earth.

from WIRED

Space Photo of the Day for July 2014

WIRED Space Photo of the Day | July 15, 2014: Star Formation Triggers NASA/CXC/JPL-Caltech/PSU/CfA |

A First: Star Caught in the Act of Devouring a Planet from Universe today

Hypernova - Gamma rays burst from either pole of a shattered star undergoing a hypernova explosion. © Don Dixon, 2005.

Mysterious stars surround Andromeda's Black Hole.

We're mostly water. Water (H2O) is mostly oxygen. Oxygen atoms can only be formed by nuclear fusion, which only happens inside stars (and atomic bombs). When stars explode, the oxygen is released. Pretty amazing.

Simeis 147, remnants of a supernova that occurred 100,000 years ago in the constellation Taurus. Somewhere in the center is a neutron star, which is all that remains intact from the original star.