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An ounce of influenza vaccine is worth at least a few tons of Tamiflu

If you believe in vaccines, please speak up

A Brooklyn Federal District Court judge has ruled that even in the event of a religious exemption, New York City public schools can prohibit unvaccinated children from attending school if another student has a vaccine preventable illness.

Exercise for kids is more than just dance class

Exercise for kids is more than just dance class

Shared decision-making in primary care: How can we make that happen?

After serious self-reflection, is there redemption for Dr. Oz?

How to save hundreds of dollars on your medical bills

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I can’t always cure, but I can always care

An interview with Jessie Gruman

Jessie Gruman, who sadly died July was someone I greatly admired as a person and as a patient activist.

Charging $5 per visit is easy if you're independently wealthy

Stop calling medical school graduates newly minted doctors

I ask that people pause before suggesting that doctors who just graduated from medical school could be molded, cast and distributed as if from a mint.