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A graveyard in Westminster, MD

rust ~ Graveyard fence

Cemetery - being reclaimed by Mother Nature (don't have a location for this unfortunately)

Brown Watercolor Mixing Tricks from A Watercolor Instructor

Complementary Colors on the Color Wheel

Art Wolfe - The ghats of Varanasi are world-famous. These are steps leading to the Ganges River and they are used for, among other things, mediation, cremation, and washing clothes. I was struck by the colorful sight of saris stretched out on the steps to dry, their brilliant hues reflecting in the river water.

Ferrari Enzo in Sarasota

Astrofotografía y fotografía nocturna - Conferencia de César Cantú

Tips for Photographing Star Trails (Digital Photography School)

Photography is a fantastic tool to explore the world around you, especially in ways normally invisible...

How to Focus-Stack Macro Images using Photoshop

One of the biggest challenges facing macro photographers is getting your subject in focus. Not only is hitting the perfect focus point an exercise in frustration, but often you don’t have enough in focus. Unlike a landscape photographer who can set their aperture to F/22 and be happy, a macro shooter will likely be rewarded …