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from Reel Currency

The Consequences of Love Review

The official Italian title: Le conseguenze dell’amore I love love love this film! Not too much dialogue. Quite a quiet film but the silence was...

from Reel Currency

Mother - Korea, 2009

Mother – Korea, 2009 - The original Korean title of this film is: Madeo I watched this film on dzong2’s recommendation. I haven’t watched a Korean film for a long time and I didn’t…

from Reel Currency

Bullhead - Belgium, 2011 - Review

Bullhead - Belgium, 2011 - The original Dutch title of this film is: Rundskop This is a very male-dominated film and it feels very masculine, too. It’s not something I’d normally go for but knowing that it is…

from Reel Currency

Father of My Children - Review

The official English title: Father of My Children I didn’t expect this film to be as good as it was when I decided to watch it. It was just one of those random films that we sometimes choose to watch…

from Reel Currency

The Impasse of Desire Review

The official French title of the film is: Impasse du désir The film explores the psychological effects of love and obsession via its main three characters. The protagonist in this film is a psychotherapist...

from Reel Currency

In My Skin - France, 2002

The original French title of the film is: Dans Ma Peau I have watched so many Danish films this year that I thought it was time for me to deviate to other European films lest I become...

from Reel Currency

Tears of April - Finland, 2008

The original Finnish title of the film: Käsky I watched Tears of April by Aku Louhimies very late one evening. I wasn’t sure about watching it because there were

from Diary of a Cinephile

Cinema Paradiso

"Cinema Paradiso filmed in Sicily - Giuseppe Tornatore - Brilliant #cinematography #film"

from Reel Currency

Fear Me Not - Danish - Review

The original Danish title: Den du frygter Did I already say how much I love Danish films? Oh, yes, I do. Each time I watched a Danish film, I finished it...