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nixxie-fic: “ Home is where the Heart is - I will Burn the Heart out of you pt 8 - Click here for: (Pt 1 Johnlock) (Pt 2 Molly) (Pt 3 Lestrade) (Pt 4 Hudders) (Pt 5 Mary) (Pt 6 Mycroft) (Pt 7 John) (Pt 8 Sherlock) ”

26 Jokes That'll Make "Sherlock" Fans Need A Little Lie Down

They H U G G E D. (Contains spoilers for <i>The Lying Detective</i>)

I never saw any of the Harry Potter movies in theatres (I'm a bit too young for that), but I grew up reading the books and watching the films at home. when I went to see Fantastic Beasts in the cinema and the Warner Brothers logo came on screen with Hedwig's Theme playing, I nearly cried because I realized that this is for me. This will be my chance to experience the magic.

Love to all the humans. I'm at home hangin with @calum5sos and writing all the songs for next year xx

This episode hit so close to home for me. I recently lost a close friend as a direct result of my own actions. I know what its like to hate myself for the things I've done, but I did those things to protect someone I love. I know what it means to be trapped in a hell of my own creation. #AKF #Supernatural #Winchesters

Painted brick isn't just for exteriors - get a load of this kitchen. I'm completely obsessed. :heart_eyes: We'll be sharing more of our trend predictions on the blog all week! Design:@jennywolfinteriors :camera::@francescolagnese

KPOP | dont touch anything dont cook when we are supervising you or when ur unsupervised for the sake of the universe..

via Phoebe Howard Back in October, I had my eye on a few beautiful blue and white lamps for our guest room. Now that the Holiday m...