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Itch Cat Scratch Pad by Square Cat Habitat

Your cat have an itch it needs to scratch? We think Square Cat Habitat has an aesthetically pleasing solution for preventing your feline from slicing and dicing the home furnishings to shreds...

There are many hidden litterbox ideas on the internet, but I love how easy, beautiful, and handy this one is. -

18 Reason Why Cats Talking To You So Much - MEOW

Custom Cedar and Cypress Cat Tree.

White Birch wall cat tree I like this item because it natural looking and brings something unexpected. I have two cats so I would like something comfortable/attractive for them to lounge on.

See how I made this DIY cat tree using real tree branches for only $75.12--modeled after an $800 tree! | make a homemade cat tree, make a cat tree with real branches, DIY cat tree

DIY Cat Scratching Post That Literally Lasts for Years

DIY Cat Scratching Post That Literally Lasts for Years! - Dream a Little Bigger

Amazing custom cat tower for cats that already have everything else. This is awesome.

eigentlich für katzen aber für ratties zum Training oder als Beschäftigung... supi!

What an awesome/decorative idea & self explanatory (could be used for other ideas such as shelving for plants, books, knock knacks, etcetera.....) Love this!!!!!!!