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kate spade guide to french pastries. Perfect reference for a trip to Paris.

How To Drink Coffee Like A Local In Paris.

How to Drink Coffee Like a Local in Paris

From drinking times to what to pair that silky café au lait with, here's how to order the perfect cup of coffee in Paris.

Basic French

French Greetings - How to say "Hello", "Please" and "Thank you" in French. Learn French at the eFrench Cafe www.

I know, there are a thousand pins of Laduree - but who can resist? Just looking at these is a treat and brings to mind days in France....paris paris paris

paris paris paris paris - we must eat macaroons at Laduree.

oh wow!!! i wouldn't dare, but for those of you that would, here are several macaron recipes... =s/=D hope you'd share the results! LOL

Macaron Recipes