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Jennifer Lilly Handmade Navy Chestnut Floral Vintage Cotton Tea Dress Whimsical Woodland English Country Leaves Dress (Small and Medium) $35.00

I HAVE THIS ONE... without the tale.... and her name is Pinky not cotton candy... pinky because my pinky was the size of her tail hole... awk

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By Helen Pow

Cotton Club - jazz cabaret night with mocktails? CHRISTMAS ball alternative - themed with a photobooth - James Ajebon, encouragement stockings

Anyone who know me, knows that one of my favorite things is old vintage scales, and this is one of the many reasons why I enjoy Jenn's @downshilohroad posts! She is my #fridayfollow! I feel like I am always swooning over her vintage goodies and the vignettes she puts together. If you are not following her, you definitely should be. And, to top it off, she is currently having a giveaway for reaching 5K followers! ❤️ #onetofollow

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Lush Much Ethnic Printing Sweatshirt

It's Real, hot sale at $33.99 ! Get it within free shipping! The hooded sweatshirt has stolen the show this season. Faster Shipping~ Crafted from cotton this one features a drawstring hood and long sleeves however it has classic printing and front pocket detail that adds the decorative edge.

Cotton & silk afternoon dress, 1908-10. Irish crochet lace was very popular in the Belle Époque, not only for trim but also for full garments like this one, giving it wonderful texture.This dress employs both three-dimensional floral motifs and pendant flowers that move with the wearer.

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How To Get the Musty Smell Out of Your Thrifted Treasures — The Art Of Doing Stuff

How To Get the Musty Smell Out of Your Thrifted Treasures: fill your item with kitty litter and let it sit for one week untouched. Likewise you could also fill a small plastic tub or tote container with litter and submerge an item if it wasn't able to be filled. The litter sucks up the smell and like magic you're good to go.

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vintage 1950s dress ...fab ERNEST DONATH togs and rigs true red cotton skirt and top with metallic gold screen print -blog featured- -featured item

Gorgeous red 50s dress. I'd love a dining room that's a version of this dress in room form.

Tremble before the mighty Smoking Robot. Twelve imposing inches of tin, this toy robot walks forward with light-up eyes and an illuminated color wheel that rotates under his dome. But what really sets him apart, what prevents this toy from ever being manufactured today, is the smoke that puffs from his mouth whenever he pauses in his stride. The mechanism that causes the whispy little clouds consists of a small, heated wire that makes contact with a bit of cotton doused in oil. Take that…

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Homemade Noodles (Great Grandmother's Old Recipe Box)

This homemade noodles recipe comes from a 1900's recipe box. If you want to make noodles from scratch, the old fashioned way, this is a great recipe to try.