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Eden Lake (2008)

Eden Lake, directed by James Watkins - Whoa....I was glad that I had a little bit of a warning that watching this movie is not a pleasant experience. Deftly handled and intense, and more than a little hard to watch at times, but still a standout in the genre.

Shutter [DVD] [2008] DVD ~ Ananda Everingham,

"The Horsemen" (2008) he Horsemen: A recently widowed detective still grieving over his wife's death discovers a shocking connection between himself and the suspects in a serial killing spree linked to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Eden Lake 伊甸湖 (2008) 一對情侶遠離城市喧囂,前往偏僻的寧靜湖畔度假,意外與一群翹家少年發生衝突。當兩人試著穿越叢林到鄰近小鎮求助時,卻慘遭少年們殘酷無情的攻擊。英國新銳詹姆斯·瓦金斯自編自導首部長片,貼近現實的故事題材,直襲人心的極限恐懼,嗜血指數直追《德州電鋸殺人狂》,徹底挑戰心臟強度。新婚夫婦珍妮與史帝夫計畫到寧靜優美的湖邊度過浪漫的周末假期,卻遭到附近的一群暴徒青少年的殘暴攻擊。奮力逃脫以為自己平安離開湖區,抵達鎮上,沒想到這才是惡夢的開始