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from Minilua

Talentos no Face: Anthony Clarkson #22

Pois é, confira abaixo, mais um artista talentoso. Conheça ainda, as suas principais obras, e mais, os melhores trabalhos....

Behold A Pale Heart ~ Anthony Clarkson The flesh does not satisfy. It kills n destroyes. Unyoked are indeed the causes of spiritual death. N feedding the hearts lies. Your nakedness will be exposed cuz of wicked actions, that both taken pleasure in, tgat is not godiliness, n you will be seen, sayth the lord if hosts.

1-Waiting outside the lines by Greyson Chance 2-Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson 3-Zoom by Last dinosaurs 4-Melted by AKMU 5-Island in the sun by Weezer