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You want a clean home. Only you’re busy, and on a budget, so you need cleaning products that bust through grime without busting your bank account. You also want a safe home, and having caustic chemicals like chlorine bleach lying around the house makes you nervous.EcoSense: A Better Kind Of Clean - For more info:

Professional hair products I can't live without

Mariah Carey - Without You. Mariah Carey is also one of my favorite female vocalists. She is so expressive (one of the most important parts of singing well - most amateurs don't give enough expression to their singing!) - and she has a tremendous range. She is one of the few singers who use what's called a "whistle range"; a very, very high pitch that not many are capable of. It's a trick of the vocal cords. I'll post one of her songs where she uses this.

Chalkboard paint! I can't live without mine, I love the idea of any color!

Couldn't live without these Sharpies!! They help me keep up with my color coordinated calendar :)

Lindsey~ this has you written all over it! Just add cupcakes ❤️ I thought the same thing! Nana

Even toilet paper comes in purple. OMG!!! I love purple but don't think I could take it this far.

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9 Art Journal Goodies You Can't Live Without

Art Journaling is a popular current trend in arts and crafts, but just what is an Art Journal? Well, it's just a journal that includes a combination of art and writing, in any way that you like. While...

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Friday Favorites ::: Travel

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." » @Alison Rentschler, your pins are lovely! Thank you for joining us on #PinUpLive tonight!