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Culture Club - Karma Chameleon - Old-timey theft was an...interesting choice of video for this song? Also, pom-poms and heavy makeup used to be edgy. I'm glad I didn't see this when I was little, I probably would have been scared of Boy George, he looks so much like a clown. Is he supposed to be a hobo? He's lurkin', whatever his deal is. Just like a clown hobo.

Oboe Family: Left to Right-Musette, Oboe, Oboe D'Amore, English Horn, Bass Oboe and Heckelphone.

Nicolas Bonnart (fils) | De Muziek, Nicolas Bonnart (fils), 1698 - 1762 | Elegante zittende vrouw, met haar linkerhand een muziekboek ophouedend. Op de tafel naast haar bladmuziek. Op de grond liggen viool en hobo. Met 4 regelig gedicht in het Frans: J'ay l'oreille du tous mes instrumens.