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WHAT DOES A MAGNETIC FIELD LOOK LIKE? A simple (but awesome v. clever) trick to show how a magnet works using compass to show the field joined by the poles. Major physics love. Take physics. It's not that scary. By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

Pictures: Fearless Felix Baumgartner Memes

Drawing of a magnetic field by French philosopher René Descartes, from his Principia Philosophiae, 1644.

Lichen forest | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

The glass prism reveals the hidden wonders of the spectrum; glass art is as versatile as the material it uses, producing works of great beauty, elegance and delicacy; a glass musician can make glass emit celestial music – like hearing angels sing. All of this is inherent in the archetype, for Silicea is artistic, imaginative and creative, or possesses a strong aesthetic awareness and appreciation.

COCCOLITHOPHORES are microscopic algae that first appeared 220 million years ago, and flourished during the CRETACEOUS PERIOD. They produce peculiar plates called cocoliths out of calcium carbonate, and incorporate them into their shells. As they die and sink to the ocean floor, they remove carbon from the atmosphere and produce chalk. This biological activity is an important regulator of the global carbon cycle.