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8+ hands-on ideas for learning about World Continents

Suzie's Home Education Ideas: 8+ hands-on ideas for learning about World Continents

Homeschool P.E. (Physical Education): 31 Days of Homeschool Supplies:

Physical education is an important part of homeschooling that often is forgotten about. P.E. class often stirs up memories of ropes hung from the ceiling, kickball, dodge-ball, square dancing, parachutes, and more.

Exploring World Landmarks - FREE Printable Montessori World Landmark Cards

Free Montessori World Landmark Cards to Go with the Safari Ltd. World Landmarks TOOB - Suzie's Home Education Ideas

Exploring Measurement Through Play - Mass

Exploring Measurement through play - Mass. Ideas on setting up the environment, what resources to use and how vocabulary development helps build understanding.

Work From Home Jobs In Education - Teaching, Tutoring, and Test Scoring

More than 70 work at home jobs in the education field. Great ideas if you're looking to do teaching, tutoring, or any other type of educational work from home.

Learning about People of the World

Learning about People of the World - Hands-on resources and book ideas for learning about people and cultures of the world

The Nature Curriculum

The Nature Curriculum - How nature can inspired learning, what subjects learning about nature covers and how to use the nature curriulum that is FREE to everyone