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Make videos, even if you don’t make videos — a guide to hiring video professionals

Simon & Simon tv - Google Search - TV show about 2 brothers played by Gerald McRaney & Jameson Parker

This *so* my kid. His first spoken word was "Airplane!!!!!" at an air show when a plane roaring overhead scared him. From then on, it was full sentences. I guess he just didn't have anything to say before then.

Simon & Simon (1981–1995) - Two brothers of disparate tastes and manners run a private detective agency. A.J. Simon is a polished fellow with a taste for classic cars and tailored suits. Rick Simon is his less refined (but still pleasant) older brother who has a taste for cowboy boots and four-wheel drive pickups. The two of them live in San Diego, where they own a private detective agency.

It was potentially life-changing news, okay? Care more, or at least show that you do.

"We're starting to think alike now" "That is horrifying!" Castle & Beckett (7x09)

Simon and Simon starring Gerald McRaney and Jameson Parker. Loved this show and Magnum PI

Live delivery guaranteed! Ha ha ha! I remember bugging my mother for this constantly!!

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