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from Texas Tea Party Patriots


Even though I'm no longer a republican, I agree with this sentiment as well. This is also one of the reasons why I don't include intersectional posts in my feminism board either. Because not only does it take away from feminism's original goal for equality between the sexes, but because the tumblrites and other leftists have this mentality of dividing groups.

Love this and hope to pass this way of thought onto my children cuz when adults throw temper tantrums, play games and bully it's just embarrassing! #bethebiggerperson #stopthemanipulation

I'd rather see you spank your child and tell them no than have to listen to spoiled little shits throw tantrums in public

Family Home Fun: The Turkey with the Terrible Temper. We had this when the kids were little. So glad to find it again for the grandkids.

Elephants throw themselves in the mud when they have temper tantrums. A bit different from # temper tantrums in toddlers?