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That's my problem. I give too many fucks on things that don't deserve it.

My temple is my body My world around me my altar My words are spells Every thought an intention My actions rituals To manifest all that will be I am SACRED I am DIVINE...ॐ

How to Review Your Year & Set New Intentions - how I confirm my purpose, assess the last 12 months, and set intentions for mind, heart, body, spirit, work, and home. Click to read now or pin for later!

So are you ready for the party tomorrow night? I just finished filming the Vision Board Party video for the Late Night Crafty Club and I am so excited for you to watch it. I build my 2017 Goals board step by step, and I also share my different formats of building vision pages in my planners (with sneak peeks of my Reset Your Life planner) and share my vision books, the most powerful tool I have used for weight loss/fitness. Yes, I get personal and share some of my private thoughts and ideas…

How To Live With Intent (Even If You're Super Busy & Stressed Out)

Energy Flows Where Intention Goes by halfmoonyoga: Sankalpa is resolve or will and has the potential of harnessing inner strength by choosing, defining and clearly focusing on a specific goal. ‘How is it that I want to show up in the world today?’ ‘What are the things that I need to do to move in that direction?’ ‘ What are the barriers to achieving my intention for this day?’ #Yoga #Intention #Sankapla