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We know that sardines and skipjack tuna fillets can be a healthy option in the Better Nutrition, Simplified plan and are naturally a great source of omega-3s, but did you know that because @belasardines packs their seafood #freshneverfrozen, they smell, look, and taste more pleasant? Plus, they’re so versatile! Use them as the “protein” in your salads, on top of your avocado toast, or even in a seafood taco! #ad

Need a Recipe for Tonight? Try This Springtime Salad

The whole family – yep, both adults and kids! - can drink organic greens for change! With each purchase of the nutrient-packed @DrinkGreens #HalfPint, 10¢ is donated to @WholeKids to support better nutrition in schools – like gardens, salad bars, and educational programming! #GrowingHealthyKids #ad

Ad: I like adding in @belasardines, mackerel, and tuna to my seafood choices…they’re sourced sustainably from the shores of Portugal, and by choosing a variety of fish often (and not sticking to the same type), I help avoid overfishing of a certain fish and, at the same time, get unique nutrition from each. #sustainability #sustainable

Get Beach-Body-Ready With These Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Happy July! Here's a few recipes to get you through the first month of summer! I hope a few of these will end up on your of July BBQ table this weekend.

BELA Sardines: Sardine And Wilted Mustard Greens Salad (And A Giveaway!)

Win some BELA sardines! (also, a recipe for Sardine and Wilted Mustard Greens Salad - #glutenfree, #dairyfree)

Ad: There are plenty of fish in the sea (& even more now that we’re focusing on restoring stocks through sustainability efforts), so choose variety. Why? You’ll get delicious flavors & unique nutrition plus choosing different kinds is good for the ocean, too. Try @belasardines Portuguese sardines, skipjack tuna & NOW mackerel for BPA-NIA (not intentionally added) canned & jarred seafood…they’re portable for when you’re packing your meals, are on-the-go, or for quick bites at home!

@BellaSunLuci means what they say when they say “sundried” since these red gems are DRIED BY THE SUN! Other brands of sundried tomatoes sometimes use added sugars – not Bella Sun Luci! Add them to your salads, top on your sandwiches, mix into your eggs, or add in a vegetarian grain-based main (we’re thinking a quinoa, feta cheese, sundried tomatoes and hemp seed mix sounds delicious!) #spon

10 No-Oven Dinners For Nights You Just Don't Feel Like Cooking

10 No-Oven Dinners For Nights You Just Don't Feel Like Cooking: Swiss Chard Sardine Salad #glutenfree

#BetterFastFood lunch is served - added @manitobaharvest hemp hearts to @earthboundfarm salad kit #MeatlessMonday #NationalSaladMonth #organic