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Modernist Wallet + Convertible Strap | Natural Italian Tan

Station: Desk Caddy for your Device and Accessories

Keys, phone, wallet… We leave our homes and offices and remind ourselves not to lose our keys, phone, and wallet. Nothing is worse than forgetting your keys on the way out the door. Or, misplacing your phone and needing a co-worker to dial your number as you search through the paperwork on your desk trying to hear the vibration. Side note – although our product photographs show only Apple Products, that doesn't mean we didn't make enough docking space for all you Windows and Android lovers…

Modernist Wallet + Convertible Strap | Saddle Bison

Modernist Wallet | Cinnamon Hair Hide

Modernist Wallet | Espresso Toffee Hair Hide

Modernist Wallet LG + Convertible Strap | Coffee Hair Hide

Modernist Wallet LG | Coffee Hair Hide

Modernist Wallet LG | Black + White Hair Hide 3

Modernist Wallet | Glacier Hair Hide