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CONNECTED - an online newsletter about the impact of new media on the courts | National Centtre for State Courts

Outlaw #Motorcycle #Gangs - a high profile manifestation of organised #crime with an active presence in all Australian States & Territories. OMCGs are not motorcycle clubs, they are well organised criminal groups causing harm & disruption across our country | Australian Crime Commission

Future-Proofing Justice: Building a Research Agenda to Address the Effects of Technological Change on the Protection of Constitutional Rights | RAND

Survey: Judges Are Less Freaked Out By Facebook, Twitter

Survey: Judges Are Less Freaked Out By Facebook, Twitter - The Conference of Court Public Information Officers surveyed state #judges around country about their use of profile sites such as #Facebook & microblogging sites such as #Twitter. Fewer of them hate the idea of incorporating new media in their professional lives, & more of them are convinced they can use such #socialmedia tools in their personal lives without ethical issues | Wall Street Journal

More #judges & #courts in the United States report using #socialmedia like #Facebook & #Twitter according to a national survey report from the Conference of Court Public Information Officers | Court News Ohio

We’re all data now: What Big Data could mean for law & policy - Data science has been described in the Harvard Business Review as the “sexiest job of the 21st Century”. Analysis of large, diverse and evolving data sets is increasingly used to draw conclusions about individuals, communities and the societies in which they live | ABC Radio National (audio & transcript)

The Fair Work Commission found the Public Service Act gave departments no general right to discipline their employees for political speech [on social media] outside of working hours and such powers would be a "gross intrusion into the non-working lives and rights of public servants."

From the Northern Myth archives, July 2011: Deeply depressing news from the North – the slow death of bilingualism in remote Northern Territory schools.

America has too many cops, too many of them are the wrong kind of people for the job, and they are far too heavily armed. We need "peace officers" not "law enforcers," writes TCBH! journalist Dave Lindorff.