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All-pervading goddess, who dwells in beings in the form of Shakti.

Machig Labdron, inspired by the Great Mother, Perfection of Wisdom, developed the Mahamudra Chod system. This fabric thangka created by Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo - this links to her website.

Yeshe Tsogyal, the great yogini, and mystic writer/ the rainbow body practice~~

Singhamukha, the Lion-headed Dakini, a manifestation of Leyki Wangmo, the Dakini of Deeds who initiated Padmasambhava into the Kagye circle at Oddiyana. In the charnel grounds known as ‘Joyous Grove’ and Sosadvipa, Padma received empowerments and blessings from the Lion-headed Dakini.

Khadro la - Female oracle and Tibetan Buddhist teacher

Devata, Angkor Wat, 12th c. Siem Reap I think this may be an Apsara, I forgot how to distinguish them