Mads Gilbert is just now no longer allowed by Israel to go to Gaza. Hear him about the last massive attacks summer 2014. The Norwegian medical doctor Gilbert was there. In this 10-minute interview/essay by Truls Lie in Le Monde diplomatique (Scandinavia), Gilbert contemplates the attacks, what it means to be defined "a terrorist", the people he met at Al-Shifa hospital, and why peace for all has to begin with Israel ending the occupation and suppression of the Palestinian people – and lift…

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to appoint Ayelet Shaked as justice minister in his fourth government. During Israel’s summer 2014 attack on Gaza, Shaked essentially called for th…

Was this former president's provocative allegation merely his opinion? Or was it actually lots more than that?:

Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked once published a Facebook post calling for the extermination of Palestinian mothers.

In North America, the mainstream media is not exactly sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. This presents a huge obstacle for solidarity activists who want to change the hegemonic discourse of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to reflect the reality on the ground: that Israel is an occupying power systematically cleansing Palestinians from their land.

FBI and the anti-war movement - What triggered the FBI’s interest in Well, what a surprise! A story about Israel –

"This is a man-made disaster. No earthquake, no tsunami. This is designed n executed w/utmost cynicism n brutality by Israel's army. This is not Boko Haram or ISIS showing contempt for all human values. But it resembles the same tactic, 'Those who disagree, who don't submit, we KILL.' So my friends, we are here to reclaim human dignity. Solidarity is a powerful weapon" Dr Mads Gilbert, Tromsø, Norway (Twin City w/Gaza), who worked at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza during Israeli's bombing Jul 31…

UN finds only 33 of 2,020 Palestinian planning applications approved, with demolitions causing poverty and leaving families in ‘state of chronic uncertainty’

Apartheid Israel's War on Water-- Israel uses access to the essential resource of water to impose horrific conditions on life for Palestinians in the West Bank.

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