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If a person does not believe in God, that person can't blame the chaos in his life on God, because he did not believe in God in the first place. So, whom is to blame? Sometimes things happen we have no control over and only God is able give us that peace.

Holy Spirit, sometimes this certain person comes to mind for no reason and I know he needs prayer.

Top 30 “Never to forget Quotes”

Wise words. Words that are very close to my heart at this time. It's good to be reminded when facing a huge challenge. God is faithful and will supply my needs. I will follow His will!

i no sometimes i will think there is no one to talk to but remember that God will always be there to talk to you no matter what he will listen .

2016 held the death of my mom...but the beginning of her eternity with Jesus. It brought a total hip replacement for me due to osteonecrosis...6 months off work and the loss of my job. My boss gave my position away. I know God has something better in store for me.... Heavenly Father.... Thank you for one more day and a new year to trust in You!

I just wish my boyfriend learned this before he threw away his call to ministry from the Almighty