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flax to linen victoria bc: Growing flax

Growing plants to produce fiber for textiles can be an adventure. If your climate permits, you could grow cotton in your garden—even in your flower bed. Most climates can support flax that you can turn into linen fabric. Plan for that now when you plant cover crops so your garden beds are ready for cotton and flax when planting time comes around.

Plan for Cotton and Flax in Your Garden - Organic Gardening

The delicate blue flowers of the flax plant.

The Glories of Linen

I been talking quite a bit about the glories of linen, but where does linen come from? Linen is made with fiber from the flax plant, a versatile plant used for clothing, food, and other items. Flax is a sustainable.

Linen Flax - Flax plant for spinning and weaving (plant fibers forum at permies)

This is my second year growing flax for cloth and I love it.

Flax has beautiful flowers and makes a light, summery cloth. Share your flax growing knowledge on the forums!

This is my second year growing flax for cloth and I love it. I would like to share a few things I've learned and hopefully learn a few things from yo

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The Flax to Linen, Victoria folk had the use of one acre of land to grow our flax thanks to a person north of Elk Lake.

Bäuerin beim Hecheln von Flachs. Fotografie aus dem oberbayerischen Samerberg von Erika Groth-Schmachtenberger aus den 1930er Jahren. (Foto: Freilichtmuseum Glentleiten)

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Connie: Linen is made from flax, a traditional fibre crop which needs few chemical…