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Painting the Sydney Harbour Bridge (year unknown). But it was before Workplace Health and Safety became the force that it now is.

"Man painting Sydney Harbour Bridge in Without safety gear." by dejacoup in OldSchoolCool

Proper care

Displaying the Flag: Proper American Flag Etiquette ~ The dos and don'ts of how to properly display the American flag.-- makes me CRAZY when people have clothes made from my flag.

This picture shows a child with a very large and dangerous snake    [][][] National Geographic 1972

Green anaconda and a young boy, my son would totally do this. Snakes are not evil treat them with respect and they make awesome pets.

wish we had one of these at my work

An ice-cold whisky dispenser, sometimes found in offices. bring back the office whiskey dispenser!

12 By 18" Black & White Picture 1920's Ford  Model T to repair street car lines

The Toronado makes an excellent choice for a project like this because it is a front-wheel-drive muscle car so you can easily chop and extend the frame without worrying about the driveline.

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Gif Animé Humour

I think this ball would kick the lady right in the face and that would hurt. Thank god that Evan Longoria has good reflex and that he can catch the ball without baseball glov.

Golden Gate Bridge under construction, 1933.

Strange Historical Pictures - 1935 Construction of the San Francisco Bay Golden Gate Bridge! January 1933 to May The San Francisco (south) anchorage and Marin (north) anchorage were constructed.