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maxkirin: ✐ DAILY WEIRD PROMPT ✐ WE MEET AGAIN, FATHER Write about a character trained the dark arts. The catch? This character succeeds in summoning a demon. Double catch? This is not just any demon, the creature they summoned happens to be their father. Want to publish a story inspired by this prompt? Click here to read the guidelines~ ♥︎ And, if you’re looking for more writerly content, make sure to follow me:!

story• Oliver||I would no longer wake up to her morning kisses, I would no longer feel her hand brush against in mine, I would no longer feel her hand laced /with/ mine. My other half was dead, and I couldn't do anything to help that. I felt so tired. I felt so numb. I couldn't breathe. I looked over to the sky. It was dark, and dawn would be coming in a few hours. I sigh and enter Aiden's room. (continued in comments)

Emma and Regina trusting each other to do the difficult thing - Swan Queen parallels from 5.1 "The Dark Swan" and 6.4 'Strange Case"