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This prompt - Dark Magical Girl - could be interesting.

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Once Upon A Time, S6E4, “Strange Case”: Come Again, Regina?

Emma: You okay? Regina: I have to die. Emma: …What? My response was squarely with Emma on that one. Why does everyone on this show think that their “light” and “dark” sides are two separable beings? Besides, if their “light” sides have the “capacity for evil”, doesn’t it stand to reason that their “dark” sides have the “capacity for good” as well? TV Sow, Once Upon A Time, OUAT, Season 6, Episode 4, Strange Case Blogging about TV Shows & Movies - and Stories in general.

Strange Words And Their Meanings - Polyvore. Well, that explains the "alethiometer" in The Golden Compass.

Joshua Wade is a serial killer from Alaska that murdered at least 5 women. One if his victims was a nurse from Anchorage named Mindy Schloss, 52. whom he stalked before kidnapping and murdering her. He admitted to the murder of 38-year-old John Michael Martin in 1994 at the age of 14, the 1999 murder of 30-year-old Henry Ongtowasruk, as well as another unidentified male victim on the same night that he killed Della Brown.


The necessary evil.

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"Fruitfly" -- Commission for ImagineFX magazine, issue 135, with printed and video tutorials by Ed Binkley