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The Gothic style of architecture originated in the north of France during the mid century. Gothic architecture was able to develop in this region because at this time the Normans who ruled the north of France were wealthy and powerful, enabling them...

Amazing Art Nouveau pendant necklace at The Antique Guild in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. The gold pendant is in the shape of a rearing dragon holding diamonds in its mouth and with its tail. Via Diamonds in the Library.

I wonder if Diana will have Jamie and Claire die together? Somehow, I think she might... I hope they are at least 100 before that happens!

Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane shows a lonely, grumpy old man isolated with his second wife in his baronial castle, a couple who trade ghastly insults like human gargoyles. This impression is incorrect, for Welles and his mistress, Marion Davies, had a sold and loving relationship that she stayed faithful to despite the fact that he... Read More

Scare Scape: Sam Fisher: this book is written for older readers so I read a couple of chapters to him everyday.

My daughter and I were driving around and passed this little development that was being demolished. It was Awesome. I hope you can use a couple of these old builings. Check my stock for others. If ...

Goliath with Elisa, Bronx & Tom (Goliath's old friend from Avalon)