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Student U and Durham Art Guild team up to provide the Creative Mentoring Program, which pairs high school students with professional artists in the area

Are your kids going crazy over Pokemon Go? While the world obsesses over the latest game craze, Lori Berry is looking deeper. Today on the blog she discusses the positive take-aways from Pokemon Go that we can use to help mentor our children, guide them in their relationship with God and embrace family goals. https://4wordwomen.org/pokemon-parenting/

Back button focusing can change the way you take your pictures. Increase the amount of photos you take that are in focus! Give it a try!!

I did this drawing yesterday, inspired by my friend & MTB mentor, Paul. After a bad fall, he has a pinned collarbone (Titanium!) and fractured shoulder. The only exercise he can do is a rain dance....which has been working. No-one else is getting any riding done while he mends.

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