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Little Hands, Big Work: Cheap Baby Gym!

Baby Activity - Inexpensive Play Gym - The Activity Mom

Homemade baby toy gym. PVC pipe. Not sure why I didn't think of this, it also seems much sturdier than store bought ones. My son always pulled his down on top of himself!

DIY Homemade baby toy gym using PVC pipe and connectors. It also seems much sturdier and nicer than store bought ones.

DIY baby gym made with wooden dowels.

A Dozen DIY Projects Featuring Wood Dowels

Avoiding Tacky Plastic Baby Toys: Making A Homemade Baby Gym

diy pool noodles covering for cushion great to put by little feet in wheel chair Use red or yellow for children with low vision.

Baby Play Gym

Baby Play Gym - pvc pipe and pool noodles. Other design options too.

Thoughts and Thimbles: Frugal Baby Activity Gym Tutorial   Using a hula hoop for the supports, genius!!

Baby Gym, DIY for pennies on the dollar. Thoughts and Thimbles: Frugal Baby Activity Gym Tutorial.

DIY Toy Gym with fabric sleeves - How to Instructions (made from PVC). Don't have babies, but wish I'd seen this when I did. I know some of my friends do have babies though.

Toy Bar/Gym

hese instructions on how to build a PVC Pipe Toy Gym and Toy Bar were requested by fellow parents of children with special needs, usually non-mobile children with severe delays due to multiple disabilities

DIY magnetic paper dolls.  Free printable!  Super cute and cheap, great for kids, fun for hours.

The Cheese Thief: Magnetic Paper Dolls(Liddle Kiddles Paper Dolls) - Awesome and fun.great for road trips!

Taggy Shopping Cart Handle Cover....I LOVE this!  those big, bulky shopping covers are just too much!  This is designed to go right over the handle, which is the part that they babies always want to teeth on!

Snippets of My Family, Faith, and Crafting: Tutorial: Taggy Shopping Cart Handle Cover