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Those embarrassing moments in life (25 photos)

Riker looks so sexy, Rydel very pretty, Ross and Rocky looking goood and then there's E-Rat ;))

21 of the Sassiest Ariana Grande Memes Perfect for Everyday Situations

I have a picture of me that's from snapchat says and it says I know when that hotline bling... caption: HOTLINE BLING JUST CAME ON I LOVE IT!! That was my first ever selfie on Instagram if ya didn't notice... oh yeah and I tagged MYSELF in it... I was the only one there I don't even know what I was doing it was my second post! my first was my standing in front of a huge Christmas tree at the mall which was better than the selfie at least jeez

Ha! I caught myself writing the word 'kismesis' in one of my rough drafts the other day ... then I remembered it wasn't a real word. o.0 (Seriously though, kismesis, matesprite, moirail and auspitize should be real words.)

This is very true, best friends, friends, and acquaintances I always seem to know what is being said about me, but I always keep it to myself. Although i will be honest, i hope particular people read this.

(JJ) Jordyn 15 and single. *sighs* Luke is my bro! *Smiles* i have Myrum, a disease which means you have long limbs.. it actually doesnt suck ALL the time! I'm a dancer, for life. Matt is my best friend.. I like to sooths me..i um, s-sometimes get depressed.. im very insecure about myself, but i guess you could intro?