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Climbing Snail Vine (Phaseolus caracalla,Snail Flower,Snail Bean,Corkscrew Flower)

from zulily

Climbing Shell Plant - Set of Two

Climbing Shell Plant (Caracalla) - amazing fragrance with stunning, unusual blooms.

Corkscrew Vine (Vigna caracalla). Unique vine but needs to be controlled as it can become invasive. Grows 15-20ft tall. Check out to see where you can purchase it. Classified as a tropical or tender perennial

Passion Flower Vine by Jagoda Lane

I love pink climbing roses and these beautiful old fashioned cabbage roses.

Flower Tower, this is a great diy using PVC pipe.

"Lily of the valley has inspired many legends over time. One such Christian legend explains that the tears that Mary shed at the cross turned to Lilies of the Valley, prompting the flower to sometimes be referred to as "Our Lady's Tears." "