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Antigonon leptopus - Mexican Coral Vine Mexican Coral Vine, Coral Creeper - fast-growing delicate vine with bright pink flowers. Cold hardy! Very fast growing, will cover a fece in one season. Blooms most of the year.

Blue sky vine (Thunbergia grandiflora) - a little different from Blue Trumpet Vine (Thunbergia laurifolia variegata)

~Fan Flower 'Whirlwind White' Scaevola -Placed by the railing where it would get rained on, this should survive while we are on vacation.

Bleeding heart - one of the most spectacular blooming vines. Spectacular, dramatic flowers are slightly flat, they have white sepals on either side of bright crimson petals. The appearance may be liken to a line of dangling hearts, each emerging from the other. This plant is often seen in pots where it will abide in a continual state of flowering. As long as you provide lots of light to it, it'll bloom most of the time.

Queens Wreath / Sandpaper Vine / Petrea Volubilis.... Or known to my sister and myself as 'Helicopter' flowers. This flower represents my childhood! <3