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Kellan Lutz, Ryan Lochte, Alexander Ludwig, Hunter Parrish, and some random hot guy on the right.... WHY AM I NOT IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS PICTURE?!

I Want Crazy - Hunter Hayes. I'm not a big country person anymore, but this is one of the cutest songs i've ever heard.

This is sooo cute!! I used to be a huge huge huge fan of Hunter X Hunter. I'm a little tired of waiting now though ^ ^"" #hxh #hunter

Big Block Jelly Roll Quilt from Hunter's Design Studio; love the colors. Put this on point & it's. What I want to do with my kaffe & batiks. Dk

Nothing in this world could ever be more true.. Nothing can compare to not only the impact I have on my boys lives but also how big of a blessing it is to be given this wonderful journey to walk with my babies. To watch them grow into everything I know they can be and more is absolutely amazing. My heart will always melt for them both... They are my baby boys and I am their mommy.

This is so true. It makes me think of the big mistake I made before I met you. Even though he hurt me it was worth it because if he didn't happen I wouldn't have met you. You're my reward for surviving <3 A.J.K. <3

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Ask the Ringmaster: Shiny Boots

"There is something about jumping a horse over a fence, something that makes you feel food. Perhaps it's the risk, the gamble. In any event it's a thing I need." William Faulkner

okay so Lathan NEEDS to kill a deer this big before Oct so we can take this pic!! OMG I am in LOVE!!

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A Sweet Rustic Wedding at Mast Farm Inn, NC

Intimate Mast Farm Inn Wedding Hotel Weddings Rustic and Simple Revival Photography