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“I want to write the Boston Marathon of run-on sentences. And since it'll be so long, I'll replace all the commas with the word Gatorade, to help push people through it.” ― Jarod Kintz, I Want

The tattoo with the script “Stay Strong” and feather is the best one to be inked in collarbone area. It’s the testing and declaration to confront any difficulties in the life ahead. One of the most important considerations for tattoo… Continue Reading →

listen up to what is eating away at you and do something about it. failure to do so may have physical ramifications: laryngitis, thyroid problems, sore throat or ears. be your own scientist and observe the effects.

What a beautiful face I have found in this place That is circling all round the sun And when we meet on a cloud I'll be laughing out loud I'll be laughing with everyone I see Can't believe how strange it is to be anything at all. -Nuetral Milk Hotel

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