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Inside a dyeing factory, Binhai Industrial Zone. Fabrics need to be washed after every dyeing process, approximately 4 times a day. © Qiu Bo / Greenpeace

A plant with 5 dyeing machines will need about 250kg of dye, along with other additives. Aproximately 2500kg of dyestuff paste circulates the plant every day. Binhai Industrial Zone. © Qiu Bo / Greenpeace

This dye mixing plant needs about 250-300kg of dye daily. Workers only wear simplified gas masks. Binhai Industrial Zone. © Qiu Bo / Greenpeace

An underground pipe system of the water treatment plant is overwhelmed by the rainstorm and starts vomiting out waste water and flooding the streets. Hangzhou Bay Economic Development Zone, Cixi City, Zhejiang: © Qiu Bo / Greenpeace