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Everyone knows that moving is considered one of life’s most stressful events… Right up there with bereavement, losing a job (been there, done that), wedding planning, and divorce (both which I’m lucky to say I have also experienced) - moving at any point in life pretty much blows.

Saturday is Market Day at Meridian Farmers' Market and Bazaar in Idaho 9am - 1pm at Meridian Crossroads Shopping Center at 1200 N. Eagle Road on the corner of Eagle and Fairview Road

How to Help a Friend Survive the First Year after Pregnancy or Infant Loss

How to Help a Friend Survive the First Year after Pregnancy or Infant Loss...EVERYONE should read this. 1 in 4 women suffers pregnancy loss. You never know who you might help. ... I really like the advice in this ...

7 Me Time Ideas for Mamas

I do still get a bittersweet feeling when I put my toddler to bed. But at the same time, another part of me that I tucked away for a while says, “Yesssssssss.” Here are a couple things I like to do after baby goes to bed, or when someone else can stay with him and I can sneak out the door.

Bookshelves can be a great focal point in any room. Learn how to style your bookshelves like a design pro on our @Pinterest page. Rearrange when you’re ready for a new look! | Pulte Homes

Crown Moulding Build-Up Project || Create a more customized look for your crown moulding by simply combining various pieces of moulding into “build-ups”. Click through for the instructions.