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Leaving pets, especially dogs home alone is a difficult decision but sometimes it is unavoidable. It is sometimes impossible or too expensive...

The 8 Most Expensive Dog Breeds To Own

The 8 Most Expensive Dog Breeds To Own

Looking for signs that your cat loves you can be really difficult if you don't know what to pay attention to. This article will present to you...

Leaving Pets Home Alone

We help companion animals and the people who care for them by providing services to shelters and pet owners, by fighting pet overpopulation, building humane communities, caring for ferals, and working on other campaigns.

Love rescue dogs? Why not make sure they go to a home ready and prepared to take them in and meet their needs? Rescue dogs have so much to give all of us.

How to Get Rid of Dog Hair in the House

Dog hair can be a real problem for home owners. Follow these tips to keep your dog happy and your house fresh and clean