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The Blue Owl of the Philippines A friend shared this photo of a gorgeous little blue owl. I was captivated but also a bit skeptical. Is this really a blue owl? Are they finding new species of owls in the Philippines? Or is this a flight of fancy?

This is my mentor, Jane. She won her games at the age of twelve. Now, two years later, she is 14 and ready to mentor. She was also part of the pack. Jane fought viciously against her other pack member who was the female tribute from district 4. While the female tribute was all brawn, Jane was light and willowy. She was finally able to strike a vital with her dagger, ending the game and becoming a victor.

Russian photographer, Katerina Plotnikova created portraits with real animals , that aren’t the work of Photoshop, but real-life interactions between fearless models and dangerous wild animals.

"WHO?! WHO are you?" It almost looks as if photographer Earl Reinink caught this little owl off guard.

Previous pinner: Saw-whet Owl by Earl Reinink. Me: Thanks, Earl, for capturing a beautiful image of a beautiful bird.

4466chakra: “ theflawedgenius: “ (via TumbleOn) ” always and forever………………….. ”

The flawed genius: “ (via TumbleOn) ” always and forever………………….

OMG! Bi colored peacock!

10 Stunning Albino Animals -- a semi-albino peacock, how beautiful!


"Baby Owl, & Baby Duck", know no difference is the "Cluck"~ (different Bird species) The saying is, "Birds of a Feather, stick together"~ Wanta Flock? (They will soon learn)~

I'm in awe of the way the colors and textures of the bird and the plant look as if they were designed to go together.  #BuenosDiasATodos #FelizViernes

There is nothing more beautiful, more perfect than what the artist who created all of the Universe, has given us.