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everything comes with a price, and dying for what you believe in isn't as simple as you'd think - redinkbooks

"No one expects an angel to set the world on fire" the demon hissed, its burning eyes gleamed with malicious intent. Azari shuddered, feeling the hot, smelly breath on her cheek.

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Writing Better Female Characters

7 ‘strong’ women: writing better female characters


Writing Prompt Wednesday: Prompt #15

Writing Prompt #15 |

Alfred Hitchcock’s 50 Ways to Kill a Character (and Our Favorite Hitch Resources on the Web) {50 deaths isn't 50 ways, but it's interesting anyway.}


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Embers boots clacked loudly against the worn wood of the winding stairs. her breath was ragged and heavy. She would never get there in time. They would find her and take her away, they would label her mental. She had to get out...she had to run.

Enchanted....follow your dreams and never let anyone bring you down because your beautiful no matter what anyone says